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If you’re interested in what’s the best company to take on your bathroom remodeling in Farragut TN, you’re in the right place.

Lakeview Remodels is your local bathroom remodeler in Farragut, TN, dedicated to your complete satisfaction and always ready to over deliver and give you a superior product.

We started in 2019 with one goal in mind, to give homeowners a better experience with contractors than what they were getting. Our focus is on providing a better customer experience, maintaining constant communication, offering a clear project management, and delivering a premium bathroom remodel.

A beautiful bathroom remodeling in Farragut with hardwood accents and a freestanding tub

Make Your Bathroom Truly Yours With An Exclusive Remodel

We value you and your home, which is why we want to see you 100% satisfied with our work. For that to happen, we tend to over deliver and offer much more than what you’ve signed up for.

With Lakeview Remodels, you’ll also get:

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A simple and intuitive process makes it extremely easy to get started. Our team then ensures you’re getting all the answers to your most pressing questions. You’ll have architects, designers, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters at your disposal at every stage of your remodel.

You’ll benefit from constant walkthroughs so you’ll be in full control of your project at all times. When everything is ready, your experts from Lakeview Remodels will conduct regular follow-ups to check on our work and make any necessary adjustments.

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Our Customers In Farragut TN Love Their New Baths!

This is what your neighbors in Farragut are saying about working with us! Get your bathroom remodeling in Farragut done with Lakeview Remodels and enjoy a premium new space!


Nate and his team at Lakeview were great to work with

He was very quick and responsive to the needs we needed completed. We had some general repairs done to the house and had them back out again for our laundry room remodel. 

We had a difficult situation that was left from previous owners but Nate had all the answers and great suggestions on what to do that we never even thought off. 

Definitely recommend Nate and his team at Lakeview Home Improvement.

Bryan Boling


From the first time we met Nate to plan our remodeling projects, we had a great deal of confidence in his professional abilities to complete our home remodeling. 

He has performed all of the projects to our complete satisfaction in a professional and timely manner. 

We plan to use his company again with additional projects. 

We highly recommend Lakeview Home Improvements LLC!

Bill Burge

Get A Bathroom Like The Ones You See In Movies

Check out some of your neighbors’ bathrooms! Go through our gallery and find some inspiration for your upcoming bathroom remodeling project in Farragut TN!

Types Of Bathroom Upgrades

There are many upgrades and features you can choose for your bathroom remodel. And all these upgrades and features will come in different materials. Needless to say, matching everything together can be a daunting task, especially if you’re starting from scratch.

At our on-site consultation we’ll talk about all your available options and we’ll help you make the best decision for your particular needs and wants. Until then, let’s look at the most common upgrades you can get.

New Vanity

Most of our bathroom remodels, if not all of them, include a new vanity. Vanities are a crucial element that boosts your space’s functionality, but it’s also what sets the vibe of the entire room. Therefore, everything in your new bath will need to match the vanity, or the vanity will need to match the rest of your space.

Solid wood vanities with slab doors provide a sleek, modern look to your bathroom, a trend that many homeowners are in love with. A vanity with shaker cabinet doors will give your bath a more traditional feel, so going for a more contemporary look won’t be possible with these.

If you have a bigger family or prefer to have your own sink, twin vanities or double vanities are ideal. They offer extra storage space and if you have a larger bath, they’re great to fill in an empty corner.

A double vanity in a dark beige color with two square mirrors
A beautiful, simple wood vanity with no pulls or knobs


Another popular option for our customers in Farragut is to convert their tub to a walk-in shower. Replacing outdated jacuzzis are another common request that many older homeowners ask for, as these become trip hazards as we age.

Glass walk-in showers are ideal and highly accessible for older homeowners. For the shower surround and floor, porcelain or ceramic tile is all it takes to make it fully functional. Another extra feature would be anti-slip tile, extremely useful and safe.

If you want to keep your bathtub as well, that’s definitely possible. In fact, many homeowners choose to keep both a shower and a tub for different needs and occasions. You might want a quick shower before going out, but relaxing in a tub is perfect after a stressful day.

A marble countertop in a white bathroom

Tub And Shower

If you’re changing the vanity, chances are you’ll also need new countertops to match your new addition. Keeping the old counter will just cause more issues down the road, as they won’t match with the size and style of your new vanity.

Here at Lakeview Remodels, our best recommendation for countertops are the quartz counters. They’re resistant, durable, easy to maintain, and more affordable than many other options. Because quartz is a manufactured material, it also has a more consistent pattern, creating a better flow and a seamless transition from one area to another.

Other common countertops are granite, marble, concrete, or other natural stones.

A glass walk-in shower in a bath with wood flooring
A free standing tub in a bath with wood flooring


Many of our customers have older homes with a lot of hardwood features in them. For a bathroom, wood flooring requires a lot of attention and maintenance, which is why we don’t necessarily recommend it.

The best option for your bathroom floor is most likely tile. Porcelain or ceramic tiles, for example, are affordable, easy to maintain, and look great. Add a beautiful design with a pattern to your new tile flooring and it can be everything your bath needs to change its vibe entirely.

Another viable and increasingly popular flooring material is luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl planks. They’re great alternatives that can look like different species of hardwood or different types of stone, but they’re also not 100% water resistant.

Tile flooring in a large bathroom with a freestanding tub

Other Upgrades

Other bathroom upgrades for your bathroom remodeling in Farragut can include:

A Simple And Quick Bathroom Remodeling In Farragut TN

Go through a quick and efficient process that aims to create a smooth journey with minimum stress and no anxieties.

A contractor and homeowner shaking hands on a project


Contact us and we’ll come up with the perfect plan.

A contractor working on a bathroom remodel in Knoxville


Our remodelers start upgrading your bathroom.
A brand new bathroom with a double vanity and two round mirrors


Your new bathroom is ready! Enjoy it!

Bathroom Remodel In Tennessee: A Case Study

Check out this amazing master bathroom transformation!

Our customer wanted to remodel his bathroom into a new space that would leave him breathless every time he stepped inside.

The theme he aimed for was Old World England, as the rest of his home was headed towards the same route. We designed the new bath using the right materials and made it depict what our customer wanted.

The bathroom (and the entire house) you see in the video is used to film scenes in movies! Don’t believe us? Check out our interview with the home owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

The usual bathroom remodel timeline is between one and two months. However, time frames vary depending on the scope of work, materials, and extra features.

After your on-site visit, you’ll get an accurate time frame for your bathroom remodeling in Farragut TN.

We quote a base bathroom remodel at around $36k. An average bathroom remodel is about $64k, and a high-end bathroom remodel is around $82k.

The scope of work, materials, features, and upgrades are several factors that are sure to impact a bathroom remodel cost. Check out more about the cost to remodel a bathroom on our bathroom remodel page!

Yes! We work with licensed and insured trades people, experts in their field. I’m Nate Burket and I started Lakeview Home Improvements in 2019 with a goal in mind: to give homeowners a better remodeling experience, a clearer process, and better communication.

We know the building codes in Farragut inside out, so you’ll get the highest standard in the industry.

Wood flooring in a bathroom with a tub and simple vanity

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Get started with the best remodeling process and enjoy the peace of mind that your project is being taken care of by your local professionals from Lakeview Remodels. We’re a team dedicated to your complete satisfaction, and our goal is to make your bath reach its true potential!

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