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The 5 Common Remodeling Delays And The Best Way To Deal With Them

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By using a top experienced contractor you mitigate many potential scheduling setbacks for your home remodeling project.

But unforeseen factors will torpedo even the best laid out plans and the entire schedule: weather, material backorders, even human error.

Arm yourself with the knowledge that delays can and do happen… and be ready to roll with them when they occur.

This article is about the common remodeling delays, and what you can do about them.

The Common Remodeling Delays

We know it as Murphy’s Law – “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.”

We do all we can to combat this. With heads-up project management techniques, we can lessen the common remodeling delays of most remodeling projects. But clients must understand that some obstacles present themselves time and again.

We are upfront with our East Tennessee and Knoxville clients about these pitfalls. We work together to avoid them, and whey they happen, we’re taking ownership over them and fix them as best as we can.

Here are a few factors that may affect the delivery schedule for your unique remodel.

Weather Delays

One of the most frequent causes of delay is the weather. Unfortunately, these type delays are often unavoidable. When possible, we try to align the schedule with the East Tennessee weather we can expect. 

For example, we cannot pour a concrete foundation in the dead of winter if it is too cold for the concrete to set up. We can’t put a roof on during a blustery March gale.

Weather affects any home renovation project, but especially outdoor improvements, like a deck building project.

Material delays

Different materials get ordered throughout the remodeling process. It’s rare for all materials to be ordered at once.

Why? Upfront ordering requires a huge cash outlay by both client and builder. And we have to plan storage for materials that may not be needed for months. We work to keep on top of ordering materials so that they arrive just in time. Sometimes, this doesn’t work out.

Don’t forget the “human error” factor. A manufacturer can ship the wrong product. A driver can deliver supplies to the wrong address. There are simply too many variables.

However, we do all we can to roll with the inevitable.


Skilled tradesmen are in high demand, especially in Tennessee.

Consider that we may not need a plumber to be on-site every day of the project, for instance. But if something happens in a day and we need a plumber, we might not always find one available.

Heads-up project management ensures we schedule the right people to be on hand when they are needed. This requires attentive scheduling.  

Permits and Inspections

Inspections performed by a city or county inspector take place throughout your reno.

Sometimes work comes to a halt if the inspector is running behind, or the office is backed up. We work closely with these professionals where possible and build flextime into our schedules.

Obtaining remodeling permits can also delay your project timeline. The permitting process involved drawing the plans ahead, applying, verifications, and then inspections before the construction begins, during, and after your renovation project is complete.

Applying for permits and inspections shouldn’t concern you, though. Here at Lakeview Home Improvements, we’re taking care of the application process and we’ll get the permits for you. All you need to do is enjoy the ride.

Change orders

Frequently, delays are caused by clients not making decisions or selecting materials in a timely manner.

As the renovation rolls out, a homeowner decides he/she doesn’t like a feature and directs that a change be made. We know changes are inevitable, and most turn out for the benefit of the assignment. But they can add an element of delay.

Even when we think we’re on top of everything, you never know what you’ll find when you open up a wall. Plumbing fixtures might be leaking, an electrical outlet might be problematic, or the pre existing conditions of a space are simply too bad to continue without fixing them first.

A contractor demolishing a tile floor

Coping With Common Remodeling Delays

Best tools for combatting delays? For one, we add a few days to the calendar to account for the inevitable slippage. Most of the times, this makes all the difference.


Experience has shown us where issues are most likely to crop up, and how we can best deal with them. We tell all of our clients that it’s important to be realistic. If the first draft of the schedule says it’s a 6- to 8-month project, we’ll plan on the longer time frame.

We like the adage:  ”under-promise, then over-deliver.”


The other tools are less tangible: professionalism and a sense of humor.

If we know something might slip, we aren’t taken by surprise when that event comes to pass. We roll with the complication and deploy our resources in other areas of job site. Most of all, we don’t want to overreact. The goal is to learn from any errors and not repeat them going forward. 

Our staff at Lakeview Home Improvements can help you in getting your well-deserved remodel. We specialize in kitchen, bath, and deck remodels. We are a leader in Knoxville and East Tennessee.


No one said remodeling jobs are easy. And there can definitely be project delays, errors, and mistakes.

What’s more important than avoiding these, is how you deal with them. An inexperienced contractor can panic and get impatient, leading to a disastrous project. Something nobody wants.

When working with a professional bathroom remodeler, though, you can rest assured they know what they’re doing.

Here at Lakeview Home Improvements, we know how to avoid the most common remodeling delays. We plan ahead and work as a team to anticipate any possible pitfall and go around it.

If you’re looking for the best bathroom remodel in Knoxville and East Tennessee, request a quote and we’ll call you within two days. 

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