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5 Factors That Ensure You’re Getting The Best Deck

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The debate rages on. 

Deck construction using wood, or composite materials? 

Purists insist on the benefits of pressure-treated lumber. Others have discovered high-quality wood-alternative composite materials, such as Trex® or Azek®

Following are 5 reasons we recommend composite construction for your deck or patio in Knoxville and East Tennessee.

Read on to ensure you’re getting the best deck you can possibly have.

A wood deck being replaced with the best deck composite material

1. maintenance

Traditional wood decks require regular attention.

That translates into hours spent cleaning, staining, and sealing your deck for it to stand up against Mother Nature. 

If you’re thinking to skip a season, you’ll pay the price in wood cracks, rot, and even warping. Wood decks are also susceptible to mildew, and even black mold. These can all hurt the structural integrity of your deck, resulting in putting your life at risk.

We love the beauty of natural wood, but it pains us all to see a wooden deck degrade over just a few seasons. Ownership of a wood deck requires herculean efforts in keeping surfaces clean and well maintained

Composite requires little to no Maintenance

Composite decking is a low-maintenance option for your decking material.

This means you won’t have to stain or seal your deck ever again. In fact, composite decking can’t be refinished, which is why you need to be careful when deciding upon your composite material.

Note: no staining, sealing, or painting means you’ll save money on maintenance – money that you can invest elsewhere in your home.

2. Long-lasting asset

Even the best premium-quality and highly maintained decks see temperature variations; and they can undergo splitting, mildew, or insect damage. 

The average life of a wood deck is 10-20 years with yearly maintenance and proper upkeep. 

In any case, wood decks generally won’t last as long as your home does. 

East Tennessee and Knoxville homeowners are finding another advantage to composite materials: a composite deck construction can add to the market value of their homes. A low-maintenance deck makes a house more attractive to a potential homebuyer.

A rotten wood deck with stairs and lights

3. Eco-friendly

Harvested trees may be accompanied by the planting of new seedlings; but mature trees can take decades to grow. 

On the other hand, composite materials such as Trex and Azek are made from recycled wood and plastics. Composite materials are eco-friendly, perfect for the environmentally aware homeowner.

How does this help you? With lumber being more and more expensive, using a recycled material will financially work to your advantage.

4. Safety

As discussed, wood eventually fails under the unrelenting assault of the elements. 

In Tennessee, we see extremes of hot and cold — and especially hot summers with brilliant and damaging sunshine. Deck boards and treads will break down, evidencing dangerous splinters, or worse: give way under someone’s unknowing step.

Wood decks are also more susceptible to rot, which is the most common reason that makes decks collapse.

Composite decking can offer the best slip resistance of all decking materials.

Also, composite deck manufacturers have taken the lead in using hidden fasteners in their construction. No more catching a bare foot on a nail or screw head.

A metal rail on a composite deck

5. Cost

For years, composite materials have been more expensive than their real wood counterparts. 

But today, that’s changing. 

With rising costs of lumber, the gap is narrowing. And remember the advantages of this low-maintenance solution. Homeowners avoid the added cost and hassle of specialty cleaners, noxious chemicals, and hours spent on wood deck maintenance and repair. 

The use of composite construction materials can pay for itself in as little as 3 years when including the cost of annual maintenance


A composite deck is one of the best choices you can make for your outdoor space. Not only it’s a more accessible option, but it’s also a long-term solution for saving money on maintenance.

Although it has a higher upfront cost, it’ll make your life much easier:

Our staff at Lakeview Home Improvements will help you get the best deck in the neighborhood – a deck that looks great and will last for many years. We specialize in deck building and repair, and kitchen and bath remodels.

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