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How To Remodel A Bathroom So It’s A Smooth, Easy Process

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It’s always nice to know exactly what’s going to be happening during your home improvement project. It can help lessen the stress that comes from the unknown!

In this post, you can find a basic outline of how to remodel a bathroom. You can also discover what can change the process, what to avoid, and what are the most common upgrades homeowners choose.

Let’s begin!

A modern bathroom with a metal vanity

How To Best Remodel A Bathroom

​​1. Design your ideal bathroom

Your contractor can help you create a beautiful design for your new bathroom! It’ll be one you can see yourself getting ready for the day in and unwinding in at night.

2. Setup the space

Your contractor will need to prepare the space for demolition and remodeling. This can include setting up dust barriers, moving in materials, and more.

3. Demolition of the bathroom

Your contractor will need to take apart your current bathroom so they can remodel it. This can include removing the vanities, tearing the flooring out, removing fixtures, and more.

4. Rough work

This involves electrical work and plumbing. It can involve updating them (for older bathrooms) or moving them around if you want lights or fixtures in different places.

5. Inspections

Your contractor should want you to feel comfortable and safe knowing the work they’re doing is up to code! That’s one of the reasons contractors have an inspector come to check their work.

6. Plaster and insulation

Redoing the walls can make your bathroom more comfortable. It’s great for temperature control and noise reduction. This can make your bathroom experience more comfortable.

7. Tile prep and installation

Now we’re getting into the fun design part of how to remodel a bathroom. Your contractor’s going to tile the shower area and wherever else you want tiles.

8. Vanities, trim, and finish the components

Your bathroom is coming together more and more. 

9. Plumbing and electrical

Now your contractor will finish up the plumbing and electrical work.

10. Fixtures, lights, countertops

Your contractor will hook up the fixtures and lights. They’ll also attach the countertops to the vanities.

11. Finishing touches

These are small details your contractor will take care of to make sure your bathroom looks and operates wonderfully.

12. Painting

Now your contractor (or a sub or another contractor) will come in to paint your walls.

13. Final inspections

Your contractor should want to make sure everything is correct for inspectors and for you!

14. Glassdoor installation

Sometimes installing the shower doors is the last step because it can take the longest to arrive. 

3 Aspects That Can Change The Bathroom Remodeling Process

Remodel a bathroom with a freestanding tub and a tile counter
Sometimes installing the shower doors is the last step because it can take the longest to arrive. 

Most Popular Bathroom Upgrades

Be it a guest bathroom, a half bath, a main bathroom, or a second floor bathroom that only one person uses it, bathroom upgrades make everything easier, especially for older homeowners.

Let’s look at the most common upgrades people get for their baths:

A wooden vanity and a cabinet with a free standing tub

Costly Mistakes When Remodeling A Bath

The most common mistake homeowners make when they decide to remodel a bathroom is regarding their budget. It’s true that a bathroom remodel cost can get expensive, especially when you want to get it right. Material costs, labor costs, permits, and the cost of demolition (if need be) pile up and can make your experience an unpleasant journey. But you don’t want to save money at the cost of your bath’s functionality. Cutting corners will result in costly mistakes in your bath – mistakes that will make your home’s resale value drop. And let’s not even mention trying a DIY bathroom remodel. A bathroom renovation is a project for professionals. If you’re curious about a bathroom remodel cost, check out our pricing guideline article.

At Lakeview Home Improvement, we offer accurate quotes and timelines for your project, so you’ll know exactly where your money goes. We believe in quality craftsmanship and our goal is to deliver the best end-product in your Tennessee. You and your home will be our top priority from the moment we come in the door until we call it a day.


A bathroom remodel is one of the best upgrades you can do to your home. It will increase your property’s value, but also make living in your home much better.

To ensure you’re getting a smooth process, though, the best thing you can do is hire a professional bathroom remodeler to work on your project.

If you’re looking for professional help to get the best bathroom remodel process, you’re in the right place. We have our own interior designer and pros that can make any dated bathroom feel brand new.

Call us today to discuss your project and get expert tips on your upcoming bathroom renovation project!