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How Much Does It Cost To Finish A Basement?

cozy basement space

Basements don’t have to be the dark place we keep seeing in movies. A good looking basement can boost your property’s value, but it also increases the living square footage of your home. Basements can become a cozy guestroom, your man cave where you can watch the game and drink a beer in peace, a […]

Luxury Vinyl Planks As The Best Type Of Home Flooring

If you’re a homeowner, you want to be consistent with the materials you use for your home flooring. Maybe the bathroom is an exception, as its environment is more challenging, but the rest of your home needs the same type of flooring. In this guide, we’ll talk about the Luxury Vinyl Planks as being one […]

Your Latest Bathroom Renovation Cost For 2022

A bathroom renovation cost with a free standing tub and large tile flooring

Planning a bathroom remodel but you’re concerned about budgeting for it? If so, this article will give you the only guidelines you’ll need for your bathroom renovation cost. We’ll cover the average prices of: Vanities Countertops Lighting fixtures Showers and tubs Flooring And labor *Your bathroom remodel costs will vary depending on your state and […]

A Quick Guide To A Laundry Room Renovation

The best laundry room renovation with wood cabinets and two washers

Laundry rooms become the main victim of dirty clothes, mud, or other things you just don’t know where to put. This utility room is also one of the most frequented rooms in your home, and when entering it feels like a nightmare and getting out feels like a maze, you need to take action. Let’s […]

How To Choose A Contractor To Ensure The Best Remodel

A cozy bath with dark floor and a simple vanity with a bathtub

Are you looking to choose a contractor to work on your home? There’s a few things you should know before a company before you decide to work with them. In the video below, I’m telling you exactly what to do to ensure your remodeling experience will go as planned.  Press the play button and watch […]

The 5 Common Remodeling Delays And The Best Way To Deal With Them

A plumber fixing common remodeling delays

By using a top experienced contractor you mitigate many potential scheduling setbacks for your home remodeling project. But unforeseen factors will torpedo even the best laid out plans and the entire schedule: weather, material backorders, even human error. Arm yourself with the knowledge that delays can and do happen… and be ready to roll with […]